1992 Dallas Cowboys NFL Super Bowl Ring




"America's team" in the early 90's is remembered as well-nigh unstoppable, but it was a dramatic turnaround from their floundering performance in the 80's. This victory cemented the resurrection of the franchise under the leadership of new owner Jerry Jones. An abysmal 3-13 season in 88 earned the Cowboy's a #1 draft pick to bring in QB Troy Aikman, and with new coach Jimmy Johnson and a host of Hall of Famers including Emmitt Smith and Michael lrvin it was the beginning of an era that would see the Cowboys bring home 3 championships over 4 seasons.

Perhaps fateful the XXVll Super Bowl ring lives up to the fantastic history behind it with a marvel of diamond cutting that will never be seen again in a championship ring. Featuring a star cut diamond in the center, the costdifficulty to cut the star greatly exceeded all estimates. The ring maker lost a significant sum fulfilling the contract leading them to never offer the option again. Thus, cementing the victory and this ring with a special placein sports history.